About Uplift Dawah

Established in 2015, Uplift Dawah strives to invite people to Islam while simultaneously dispelling misconceptions about Islam. Uplift Dawah aims to achieve this by training Muslims on the importance of Dawah, training them how to perform Dawah in accordance with the Sunnah in their communities, all while providing resources and support to form Uplift Dawah chapters to continue to expand the scale of our Dawah efforts across the world.

Our Beliefs & Values

We believe in one God (Allah) and that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is his last Prophet and Messenger. We believe in the traditions (Sunnah) of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and we follow the examples set by the righteous predecessors. We believe dawah is an obligatory (Fard) duty upon all Muslims to perform and that it is of great importance for Muslims to use dawah to dispel misconceptions and invite non-Muslims to Islam.

Our History

We began our dawah efforts in 2015 in Seattle, Washington when our founder Yusuf Warsame begin doing street dawah with his own funds and contributions from the local Muslim community. Yusuf Warsame was drawn to this work because at the time there were lots of falsehoods and incendiary things being said about Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Islam. Yusuf Warsame wanted to dispel misconceptions, educate, and invite the public to Islam.

Overtime, others, Inshallah (God willing), joined the effort that Yusuf Warsame started which led to the formation of Uplift Dawah. Today, Uplift Dawah as a non-profit has chapters as well as partnerships in Washington, South Africa, and Kenya with over 30 volunteers that contribute to Uplift Dawah’s mission. To date, we have had over 300 shahadas (conversion to Islam). Each year, we provide thousands of Qurans, books, and pamphlets about Islam through our tabling and other outreach efforts.