Yusuf Warsame
Yusuf WarsameCEO
Brother Yusuf Warsame is the founder and CEO of Uplift Dawah. He was born In Somalia and left as a young boy after the civil war. Soon after, he began his studies attending high school here in Seattle, and after graduating from there, he attended Whatcom Community College. He later transferred to Western Washington University to pursue his BA and he is also pursuing his BA in Islamic Studies online. Brother Yusuf is an avid believer that Dawah is the medicine humanity needs in these difficult times. His biggest influence was Ahmed Deedat (rahimahullah).
Saied Arvanetes
Saied ArvanetesBoard Member & Director of Outreach
Saied Arvanetes was raised in the Gulf Coast, and embraced Islam at the age of 23 in 2001. He began giving Dawah to all his friends and family members immediately after researching comparative studies. He watched many Ahmed Deedat and Zakir Naik videos and read books of J.F Dirk’s including “The Cross and the Crescent.” He began working in construction because it was a halal way of life and graduated with a Civil Engineering degree from Washington State University and now owns Total Construction LLC, and Total Power LLC. Saied helped to begin Uplift Dawah after its inception in 2016 after meeting the founders Yusuf Warsamme and Robert Blanchard. His goal is to help Uplift Dawah open the doors for Dawah for the General Ummah and deliver the message of Islam to the people of the U.S and abroad.
Abdul Rahman Mohammad
Abdul Rahman MohammadBoard Member & Secretary
Abdul Rahman Mohammad is originally from India and volunteered at the Student Islamic Organization (SIO) for 4 years where he helped the organization with youth events and spoke at events held by SIO. Abdul Rahman came to the USA in December 2011 as a student to study at Northeastern Illinois University where he graduated with Honors in Computer Science. Since then, he has worked in the IT Industry and is also a Licenced Real Estate agent in the state of Washington. Abdul Rahman has been part of Uplift Dawah since October 2018, and has worked his way to his present position as a Trustee. He is excited about the possibility of scaling UD into a global Dawah organization.
Omar Azeemi
Omar AzeemiTreasurer
Omar Azeemi studied at the University of Washington, and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics. He was actively involved in the UW MSA helping plan speaker events, and taking responsibility for all the Brother’s activities. He is currently working as a Data Science Consultant at TheMathCompany with clients ranging across various Fortune 500 companies.

Omar Azeemi first began working with Uplift Dawah in 2018, but after a prolonged break of a few years, has returned back to the organization that got him all started. Omar’s vision is to make Uplift Dawah a common household name across the USA with outreach across all aspects of social media, making Uplift Dawah the go to organization for anything related to Dawah.