Social Program

Mission Statement


Empowering The Youth & Preserving the dignity of the homeless & needy. ”

About This Cause



we do this in several ways. first, we create a community of youth, lead by youth and supervised by adults. We focus on creativity through our Media/Production studio. the youth are taught new skills that will be useful to their future. They are exposed and taught how to use and work video equipments like Directing Cameras, tripods, microphones,

which lenses to use when, sound engineering, script writing as well as running a whole Podcast from planning to finished product. They are expected to produce whatever show ideas they come up. Our studio gives them all the tools necessary to do all the above,

with some of the best lights, cameras, editor, green screens, top of the line podcast microphones, tripods and more. Our goal and hope is that they will pursue further education in media. some of our youth are from underserve




We strive to care for the homeless and the needy. For us, this is about preserving peoples dignity. Becoming homeless has a negative affect on peoples self-esteem and dignity. we want to restore their honor and dignity by helping and supporting them to find a place to live.