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Uplift Dawah goes beyond other Dawah efforts around the world. We don’t just call people to Islam. We are also there to support them through our Pulse Program which fills a gap that is left in many communities where new Muslims are left without any support or education after taking their Shahada (Testimony of Faith). This gap has led to countless new Muslims leaving Islam because they lacked the support and knowledge to practice their faith. We want every new Muslim to be successful in their faith and to have a good foundational knowledge of their deen (faith). We believe our approach is unique in the field of Dawah and we are constantly striving to improve our methodology in order to better serve those we call to Islam.


We believe in one God (Allah) and that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is his last Prophet and Messenger. We believe in the traditions (Sunnah) of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and we follow the examples set by the righteous predecessors. We believe dawah is an obligatory (Fard) duty upon all Muslims to perform and that it is of great importance for Muslims to use dawah to dispel misconceptions and invite non-Muslims to Islam.

Uplift Dawah is committed to supporting efforts to convey the message of Islam, dispel misconceptions, and help rehabilitate the faith of Muslims around the world. We are committed to support our volunteers and communities in reviving the Prophetic Mission of Dawah.

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