what we do

Uplift Dawah engages in a variety of Dawah efforts which are different at each chapter and may vary throughout the year but our primary efforts surround the following areas of work.


Uplift Dawah believes that one of the most important forms of Dawah is getting out to the streets in our communities to directly engage the public and call to Islam and to help dispel misconceptions. Every week around the world, Uplift Dawah volunteers are engaging in this very important form of Dawah and it results in countless misconceptions about Islam being dispelled and often people who visit our booths end up accepting Islam and becoming Muslim.


Uplift Dawah knows that many Muslim communities lack education around Dawah. They may have heard the word or have a basic understanding of what Dawah is but they usually lack the in-depth knowledge that our trainers possess. Our Dawah trainers go into masjids around the world and teach Muslim communities about Dawah and how it is something that the lives of each Prophet was centered around and how this effort is obligatory for Muslims to participate in and support. Our trainers share the evidence from the Quran and Sunnah and explain how valuable and important Dawah work is and how communities can get involved.
Masjid Dawah Resources Uplift Dawah distributes printed Dawah materials, including translations of the Quran, to masjids around the world so that local masjids have materials to engage in Dawah when they have visitors who are non-Muslim and so they have resources to support new Muslims. New Muslim Support and Pulse Program Uplift Dawah understands the urgent need to support new Muslims, which is often something Muslim communities are not doing a very good job at. Uplift Dawah has seized the opportunity to help support new Muslims by providing new Muslim kits, which contain basic information that new Muslims need to perform prayer, abulution, and learn about Islam. Our work doesn’t stop there. We don’t just give them the basic tools they need, we also follow up with new Muslims and help them in their journey through our Pulse Program, which gives them the longer term support they need to be successful after they take their Shahadah.