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Upgrading Uplift Dawah

We are excited today to announce the relaunch of our website. Our new website comes with new branding which was an effort we undertook earlier this year when we realized the need to move to a more flexible and modern logo to represent our vision for Uplift Dawah’s future. In fact, over the last year we’ve been undertaking a visioning process and upgrading various areas of our organization moving from a small grassroots nonprofit with chapters around the world to an organization with modern and corporate structuring, processes, and efforts in order to ensure our ability to continue to grow and support our chapters around the world.

With this upgrade, we are shifting to become a data-driven organization as we believe having metrics and other data will help us better serve masjids, our chapters, and our volunteers. We also will be increasing our focus on creating digital content including producing a podcast and more regular video content. These new undertakings won’t just be at our headquarters but will also be occurring across the world at each of our chapters.

This weekend we are conducting three Dawah 101 training’s in Portland, Oregon and we will be testing our use of new technology to help us enhance our presentations, sign up new volunteers, and connect with new donors.

Inshallah, all of these efforts will help us to continue to grow our Dawah efforts. We’d like to thank all of our volunteers and donors for the support you’ve provided over the years. As we take this next step in our journey of calling people to Islam and dispelling misconceptions, we ask for your dua in support of our efforts and also for your continued support through volunteering and financial contributions.

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